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Channel Surfer

YouTube not working on Roku devices. Getting Check Network error

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Started on all my Roku sticks this morning. Whats up with this **bleep**?

Reel Rookie

Re: Error: Can't run channel. Prime, Sling & bunch of others

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After pairing my new Voice Remote to my 3800RW stick, only 2 of my channels work. 1 Screensaver and 1 game.  For everything else, I get a long error message about bandwidth and check my internet connection.  It's fine, the ROKU connection check says it's fine and everything worked fine right up to pairing my new remote.  Just to put the icing on the cake, now I get the same errors with my old remote.  The software is current.  I've removed and reinstalled channels, restarted my device, rebooted my router. Nothing has worked.

I am housebound and my TV is really important to me.  What is going on?

Day 2:  Just went through all the suggested fixes again (thinking an overnight update may have happened).  Still Nope. Clearly I need more help than the ROKU "Help" function offers.   Just went through the system check and restart again. Nope.

Update: In the last 15 minute all the channels now load with the exception of Prime Video, Spotify, and YouTube which still get the "Cannot Run Channel because it cannot be reinstalled from the network" message.  Reinstalled them twice - again. Tubi links, but via ROKU my signin isn't recognized (I'm signed in online, so this is only happening via ROKU).   Can anybody help me or know how to reach an actual, live tech support person at ROKU? 


no help with amazon run error

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I have spent the last four hours looking for help why my amazon video prime channel has a run error (after working with an amazon customer help person) I was directed to roku support. I have went through all the troubleshooting posts. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling channel, restart my router, restart my roku, reset the network connection, and a factory reset. Nothing is fixing the run error for amazon prime channel. I then combed through the forum for ways to get a contact number (no luck there). I also combed the community to see about DM, only to find out they have now turned off DM to customers (due to spamming) At this point I do not know what else I can do. How do I fix the problem of run error for Amazon prime video channel? *side note: I have been using roku for ever and streaming amazon prime channel for a long time and this problem has just occurred (no new device has been added, nothing has changed on my end, other than this new run error). Please help fix this problem/

Channel Surfer

Re: YouTube not working on Roku devices. Getting Check Network error

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Well, neither is Prime Video!


Re: Error: Can't run channel. Prime, Sling & bunch of others

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I have had the Express Roku for several years and have accessing Youtube TV for at least 6 months and today it is stating that the Roku 'Can't run channel'.  It also says Youtube TV could not be run because there is not enough space.  I have not added any channels or apps at all for more than 6 months and everything worked fine yesterday.  I also removed some channels as it said to do so to make more space, but that hasn't helped.  There is something that changed overnight that is preventing me from accessing Youtube TV, but I am able to access my other loaded channels.  I have checked for updates, reconnected the network, and reset the Roku.  Nothing has worked.  Anyone have any ideas?


Re: Error: Can't run channel. Prime, Sling & bunch of others

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Same here. I’ve also cleared cache and it doesn’t work. I’ve tried to update software and channel to no avail. 



Reel Rookie

Re: Error: Can't run channel. Prime, Sling & bunch of others

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YouTube app on my Roku Express stopped working since yesterday. When I launch the APP, I get below message and stuck there.

"YouTube could not be run because it could not be reinstalled from network."

I tried to reset the Theme, Screensaver, factory reset etc. but no luck. See below details.

Model: 3910RW - Express+

Serial: YG001V017222

S/W Version: 10.0.0

Devise ID: C537A1017222

Please advise. Also note that the issue with YouTube itself and not with YouTube TV APP.

Roku Guru

Re: Error: Can't run channel. Prime, Sling & bunch of others

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You didnt mention your Roku model # and firmware version: Settings/System/About

Known solutions/workarounds for YT not loading/closing to Home:

1) Check for updates: Settings/System/System update/Check now - try again

2) Restart Roku: Settings/System/System restart/Restart - try again

3) Change your Theme to the Roku Default: Settings/Theme/Restore default theme - try again

4) Change your Screensaver to a Roku clock: Settings/Theme/Screensavers - try again

5) Remove SD card (if installed) - try again

6) Remove app, RESTART ROKU: Settings/System/System restart/Restart, Add app - try again

7) Network connection reset: Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Network connection reset - try again

😎 Completely unplug power from Roku for 10-15 minutes - try again

9) Factory reset: Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Factory reset <--- last resort

NOTE for #6: Do not remove the YouTube TV app - you will not get the app back until the end of the dispute

Re: YouTube Error: Can't Run Channel since Not Enough Space

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Yes this is my issue and request  as well.

@UI-Designer wrote:

Did you find a solution, dartvador2012?

I am running into this SAME issue on my Roku Express+ 3910RW when trying to view YouTube (get error message "Can't run channel" "... not enough space...") along with Apple TV not loading (will load to 100% and then return to the Home screen without loading).

I removed YouTube, restarted my Roku device, and then reinstalled YouTube, but same issue still exists. I also made sure I am using the Default Theme pack.

Please, please Roku try to fix this huge and VERY annoying issue and please work with Google too if the issue is with their YouTube channel code!!

And if this is not a bug in RokuOS, then when the "Can't run channel" message appears, instead of only giving the "OK" choice, please also give a choice to view which channels are taking up most of the space so we can try to focus on removing those channels. Thanks!

Please do not keep ignoring this issue, Roku, and please STOP blaming the user -- you, Roku, are ultimately responsible for the user experience.


Reel Rookie

Re: Roku NOT playing YouTube

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Please do not change my title. Sling, prime and ALL OTHER APPS ARE WORKING JUST FINE.  Only YOUTUBE isn’t working. 
the response that was sent to my original post was not about any other app. Only YouTube. It’s not helpful to change the title. 

@Rekisu wrote:

Since last night (9/13/21) at around 7pm MST, Roku will not be open the YouTube app. It gives the message included with this post. I have not added or changed any channels in months and YouTube has worked just fine. My connections are perfect and working fine. All my other channels work fine. I have deleted YouTube force restarted Roku then redownloaded YT. It is up to date. I have plugged unplugged and did all the things! Help! E39B4F7A-EF5F-412D-96B8-B49BDB1D9CF7.jpeg



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