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Error: Can't run channel. Netflix, Prime, Sling, etc.

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I have checked for updates, unplugged the stick from USB port AND unplugged the cord from stick as well, hit the "reset" button on the stick & still nothing is working. I'm very annoyed by this as it's has worked fine til today. How can 'OS 10.0 Error: Can't run channel' be fixed?

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Re: Error: Can't run channel. Netflix, Prime, Sling, etc.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the posts.

We believe this issue has been resolved by manually checking for a software update on your Roku device.

You can perform a manual software update by doing the following:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll up or down and select Settings.
  3. Select System.
  4. Select System update.
  5. Select Check Now to manually check for updates.
  6. Restart your Roku device through Settings > System > Power > Power > System restart.

In the event, that your issue is still not resolved, please provide us with the following information so we can investigate your specific issue:
-Roku device model, serial number, device ID, and software OS/version (these can all be found in Settings > System > About)
-does this issue occur on a specific channel? if so, what channel and what version/build is the channel (this can be found be selecting the channel on the Home screen and pressing the * button)
-tracker ID when this issue occurs (when you see this issue occur, press the Home button 5 times, followed by the Back button 5 times)
-when did you start to see this issue occur?
-steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing
-screenshot of any error messages of what you are experiencing.

Once we have this information we will be able to investigate your specific issue further.



Other Roku resources you might find helpful:

Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator

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Spotify app stopped working

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I was using the app earlier. Then when I got home a little while later it just kept saying that it can't run the all because there's not enough space. So I deleted multiple apps. I've disconnect the roku from the TV multiple times. I deleted the spotify app and restarted it. It's still saying the same thing. 

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Connected to internet but says i cant connect to some channels

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My roku was working fine yesterday n is saying im connected to internet but now when i click anything but netflix it says "could not run bc it could not be reinstalled from this network. This is the same network i have always used.. what happened? This is a roku express but my roku tv i have in the house are working fine 

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Re: Connected to internet but says i cant connect to some channels

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Ok i understand that. But i am able to get on netflix from this roku so why cant i get on other channels. That make no sense at all. My internet connection is fine n im on channel 11 it says

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Only 2 channels work after after new remote paired

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After pairing my new Voice Remote, only 2 of my channels work. 1 Screensaver and 1 game.  For everything else, I get a long error message about bandwidth and check my internet connection.  It's fine, the ROKU connection check says it's fine and everything worked fine right up to pairing my new remote.  Just to put the icing on the cake, now I get the same errors with my old remote.  The software is current.  I've removed and reinstalled channels, restarted my device, rebooted my router. Nothing has worked.

I am housebound and my TV is really important to me.  What is going on?

Day 2:  Just went through all the suggested fixes again (thinking an overnight update may have happened).  Still Nope. Clearly I need more help than the ROKU "Help" function offers.  Does anybody know how to talk to an actual, live tech support person at ROKU?  Just went through the system check and restart again. Nope.

Oh my freaking word! I just got my badge for my first posting.  Yippee! Keep the badges, help me.

Update: In the last 15 minute all the channels now load with the exception of Prime Video, which still gets the "Cannot Run Channel because it cannot be reinstalled from the network" message.  Reinstalled it twice - again.  Trying a sacrificial cup of tea.  OOOPS!  Spotify gives me the error message now too.  Another channel (Tubi) won't let me sign in (I'm signed in online, so this is only happening via ROKU.  YouTube gets the same message.   Is there anybody out there?  I really need help.

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Re: Connected to internet but says i cant connect to some channels

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I have the exact same issue. It’s been fine until this evening. Network Internet is fine. What’s going on ROKU?

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Re: Connected to internet but says i cant connect to some channels

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@Angelgyrl416 @NMBSC 

Try these known workarounds/solutions:

1) Check for updates: Settings/System/System update/Check now - try again

2) Restart Roku: Settings/System/System restart/Restart - try again

3) Change your Theme to the Roku Default: Settings/Theme/Restore default theme - try again

4) Change your Screensaver to a Roku clock: Settings/Theme/Screensavers - try again

5) Remove SD card (if installed) - try again

6) Network connection reset: Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Network connection reset - try again

7) Completely unplug power from Roku for 10-15 minutes - try again

😎 Factory reset: Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Factory reset <--- last resort

Channel Surfer

Re: Connected to internet but says i cant connect to some channels

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Same thing happened to all my devices.  Roku is garbage.  I had to do factory resets on all my devices after trying every fix I could.  Now I have one High Def TV that the stupid friggin Roku doesn't recognize as High Def.  So I'm sitting here watching this garbage standard picture channel on a high def tv.  I've tried to change the display type and it only gives me standard options.  I even did a second factory reset to try to fix it.

Anyone have any ideas how to make this garbage device do its job?  You sure as heck can't get any answers from Roku.

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Re: Roku NOT playing Prime, Sling & bunch of others

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Everytime I click YouTube or sling on my tv I get the message "sling tv could not be run because it could not be reinstalled from the network. Please check your network connection and try again."

I tried deleting and reinstalling both channels. Also did system update, system reset, router reset, unplugging roku, factory reset in every order and nothing works. Same message everytime.

Serial, YG000A713942


Re: Connected to internet but says i cant connect to some channels

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I'm having the same problem with my roku. It was working just fine yesterday. Checked connection and everything is good but I still can't go in to any channel but Netflix.