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Reel Rookie

Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku

For anyone reading this who is actually a Fire TV Stick user but, like me, came to this forum out of desperation for ANY solution to Freevee's eternal "Continue watching" queue--the above method works on Fire TV Stick as well.

You, sir, are my hero.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku

Here is how to clear your streaming device's Freevee “Continue Watching” queue.

It has to be done on your computer, not your streaming device.

  1. On your computer, open a browser and go to
  2. Log in if you need to.
  3. In the row that says “prime video” (it goes Home, Store, Live TV, etc.), go all the way to the right and hover on the profile circle. In the Your Account column of the hover text that appears, click on Account & Settings.
  4. Now in the Account & Settings bar (not the “prime video” bar you were just in—the Account & Settings bar goes Your Account, Channels, Invoices, etc.), go to the right and click on Hidden Videos.
  5. If you see any of the programs that are stuck in your Freevee “Continue Watching” queue in the Hidden Videos list, click on “Don’t hide” to remove them from this list.
  6. Once you’ve unhidden everything you want to, go to the top, and again in the Account & Settings bar (not the “prime video” bar), click on Watch History.
  7. In Watch History, find the programs that are stuck in your Freevee “Continue Watching” queue and click “Delete movie from Watch History” or “Delete episodes from Watch History,” whichever it is. I had to scroll and scroll through everything I’ve ever watched to find them all.
  8. Go back to your TV and exit the Freevee app on your streaming device.
  9. Restart the Freevee app on your device. The titles you cleared on your computer should now be gone from the Freevee “Continue Watching” queue on your device.

If this doesn’t seem to be working, you may need to clear the Freevee application’s cache and data on your streaming device and/or restart the device itself. But it worked fine for me.

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Streaming Star

Re: Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku

Doesn't work for me.  I don't have Prime Video, only access FreeVee through Roku,  When I ghe post et to the Prime Video: Account & Settings, it just says You don't have a subscription to Prime Video, and if I click on Hidden Videos, it says You haven't hidden any videos.

The post I did a while back does still work for Roku, but is a pain for series, because you have to 'unwatch' every episode you have previously watched ((select and click on Watch from Beginning, then Back on the Roku remote) - which takes a good while for something like Lost, with 11 seasons.

If only they would change the app to work like Netflix. On Netflix, you just scroll down to My List, select something in My List (movie or series), then scroll down to Remove from My List - and it's gone. Takes a few seconds.


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