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Dolby Atmos content on HBO Max won’t play

I have a Roku Ultra (4800R) and I was trying to play content on HBO Max that has Dolby Atmos audio (like Matrix 1, Suicide Squad, Godzilla vs. Kong, etc.). But these titles won’t play (just getting the spinning dots). I can play non-Dolby Atmos titles without any issues.

To verify my Dolby Atmos sound bar setup, I tried the HBO Max app that came with my Samsung QN85DA TV and the above mentioned Dolby Atmos content plays fine.

I have my audio settings on my Roku set to Streaming Format: Auto and Digital putput format: Passthrough

My sound bar is the Samsung Q9550A which is connected to my TV’s HDMI eArc.

Any ideas on what’s going on?

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Re: Dolby Atmos content on HBO Max won’t play


All of those (and other Atmos) titles I tested load and play properly.

There seems to have been a transient/temporary playback issue yesterday affecting playback for some content/accounts.

If you continue to have the playback problem today, and if you havent already restarted your 4800, then you should do so.

If that doesnt resolve the issue, you'll need to contact HBO Max support:

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