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Disney and prime video in Greece

Hello all! I have the Roku tv for the past 4years, i live in Greece, i bought it though

Even though Amazon prime and Disney plus are available in Greece we still can't not install them on the Roku .


Any ideas?

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Re: Disney and prime video in Greece


Yes. Roku allows any app to run anywhere.

Roku also allows the app developer to determine where the app runs. So, if you're in a place that the app doesn't work, that's because the app developers (Disney and Amazon, in your instance) have decided to not support the Roku app in those regions.

As for why? Well, Roku itself is not supported there. If you have a Roku there, it was imported. Roku wasn't sold through an authorized seller in that region.

Many app developers will not support their Roku app in regions where Roku itself is not supported. Disney and Amazon won't support their apps in such regions. Many others won't either. But some will. Netflix, for example, works there on Roku because Netflix chose to support their app there.

If you want the apps to work there, it's up to Disney and Amazon to make that call. Roku isn't the one stopping them from working.

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