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Couldn't sign in to AT&T TV, this fixed my problem

I tried for days to get AT&T TV on a new Roku Streaming Stick+.  I initially got a sign-on screen but goofed and used my old AT&T signon (they made us change to email address a while back).  After that one failed log-in, I was unable to get a new log-in screen. 

Instead, when I clicked on the AT&T TV channel, I got a flash of blue, the AT&T TV logo, and then the screen just went to solid black. I think I was somewhere in AT&T limbo, though, because when I backed out of the black screen, a question popped up asking if I was sure I wanted to sign out of AT&T.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the channel, unplugging the Roku, doing a couple of factory resets. Tech support for both Roku and AT&T tried to no avail.  I pulled out an old Roku I don't use any more and got the same black screen for AT&T.  I realized that these two devices had something in common: Both held my former AT&T signon. 

I went to my account at Roku's website and enabled guest access on my new Roku streaming stick. That allowed me the privilege of a fresh log-in screen for AT&T.  Bingo, AT&T TV was working for me as a guest, signing on with my correct AT&T account.  Next, I disabled my guest access (on the website) to see if AT&T TV would still work under my regular Roku account.  It did! 

I'd love to know why it worked, but the point is that it worked, and I'm sharing in case this approach helps someone else.



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Re: Couldn't sign in to AT&T TV, this fixed my problem


Patty5, THANK YOU! Omg! This worked for me too! AT&T was clueless and all they could offer was restart system, update system, delete app, re install and none of that worked! I’m so glad I came across your post. Worked on the first attempt. Just so you know I was going crazy trying to figure this out. Thanks again! Smiley Happy

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Re: Couldn't sign in to AT&T TV, this fixed my problem

Thank you! This was very fustrating. Also good to know not to use a Guest Account on a random Roku since the sign in carries over.

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