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Confused About Favorites In The Guide


Hello All,

Like so many others have posted, some days ago Roku issued an update so the Favorites (as well as other categories) were on the left of the Live TV's Channel Guide. I was so happy to see favorites grouped that I baked a cake!


Like so many others, it's gone on 3 of our 4 Roku Televisions. (Three TCL & one Onn Brand. One TCL still has it. The Onn Brand & the other 2 TCL Roku lost it.) All are antenna & WiFi only. No cable or satellite.


While searching here for how to get it back, Is saw mention of people having their manually saved favorites available as a list within the Guide.

I never knew that feature existed. (I always wondered why we could select channels as Favorites, but never have the list on the Guide.)

None of the posts I read explained how to get these channels to appear in the Guide. I could not figure it out.

Since Roku took away the new Favorites on the left side of the Guide, is there a way for our manually saved Favorites to show up when we bring up the guide?

Thanks For Helping This Roku Amateur!


PS: Dear Roku, Please add us to the list of people who are sad that the new Favorites, plus other categories, were given  & then taken away. How Rude!

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