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Commercial times vs Show times

My group, all retired USNavy, all wanted to purchase a Roku device. I was the senior person, so I purchased first, and others waited for my information. I kind of liked the amount of channels offered, even found very quickly, a series I liked: Sea Patrol, on the Roku channel. However, after eight minutes of watching the show, commercialS(note the plural), came on. This was continual, threw out the show. I realize commercials pay for the (free?) show, but every 8 minutes is just too much. Therefore, I could NOT recommend the purchasing of a Roku stick to my group.

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Re: Commercial times vs Show times

I was going to buy a car but during the test drive I turned on the radio and the first station I tuned to played an ad, and rather than tuning to the local public broadcasting station, I refused to buy the car. Smiley HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Wink

There are around 5000 channel/apps on Roku.  Some, like the Roku channel, have varying amounts of ads, some have no ads at all.  (Some can be viewed with or without ads.)  I myself am pretty anti-ad and don't watch the Roku Channel at all, but there are plenty of other channel/apps that I do watch.  The Roku is just a cheap plastic box that gets you access to a bunch of stuff.  One of those happens to have the same name as the box but it's far from the only thing available.

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Re: Commercial times vs Show times

For breadth of channel offer Roku is excellent, only competition for channel breadth is Android streaming box (high end Nvidia Shield, or cheap generic), then Amazon.

The cheap streaming alternative to consider especially if on the move is a cheap screen sharing/mirroring stick (Miracast standard) which will allow HD from PC and Android, and/or the more expensive Apple equivalent.  Cheapest up to date Roku can also do screen mirror (incl Apple). However cheapest Roku can only do 2.4ghz wireless which is increasing a limitation for ease of use and the wireless hardware isn't the strongest.  If you don't mind the size/bulk/extra cost the streambar is a very solid option.

The low cost way to test if Roku will work? Get an Express (new or second hand, whichever is cheapest/easiest), same price as a few beers in a bar. 

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