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Commercial Overload-Dysfunctional Channels

Am a long-time subscriber and user of Roku. Run better than average AV equipment and have a quick and reliable wi-fi system. There was a time where channels were consistent in their availability and reliability and commercials were present but not overloaded. Those days are long gone. Now it’s a crapshoot on numerous channels if they will come up and stay on. I have opened a channel to watch a movie and 3-4 minutes into movie, channel breaks into five minutes of commercials. Expecting the movie to start back up, the same commercials again recycle through the same five minutes of commercials. This occurs on free and pay channels. As this happens on what is becoming a very regular basis, I wonder if Roku does anything to require channels to run in a more efficient, user-friendly manner. I realize channels need to generate revenue to operate, but this shotgun method of commercial presentation has worn thin....really thin. Roku- if you’re listening, think you could maybe do a little quality control on channels using your platform that are bombarding viewers with commercial time and seem to have reliability issues. I know at least one person who would be appreciative.

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