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Channel says "Leaving Youtube".... wut?

My Roku has recently developed a very disturbing behavior. I navigate to the YouTube channel, hold down the voice search button, and speak a search phrase. The search results that I want come up, but in a few seconds the player leaves the channel and takes me to some other location. There is a box that pops up that says "Leaving Youtube", and the operation can be cancelled, but if I don't notice and respond fast enough I get taken to some other place and I have to perform the entire operation again.

Quite honestly this is one of the worst UI fails I have seen in 30+ years of using technology, and it is infuriating. It's like driving down the road and your car suddenly decides to make a left turn on its own. It needs to be fixed.

Is this the Roku doing this on its own initiative (my suspicion) or is it related to the channel? What can be done to stop this?

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