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Channel promoting COVID-19 Misinformation

The channel named The Portland Feed, by developer LVI, is promoting misinformational anti-vax content. The content in question can currently be accessed through their channel.

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Roku Guru

Re: Channel promoting COVID-19 Misinformation

Surely there isnt an app promoting the supposed efficacy of masks or 3/6 foot social distancing or lockdowns or mandates or the (partially and decreasingly effective at best) vaccines themselves!

Thats anti-science COVID19 misinformation! 

But, the real question is, did you just create this account to actually PROMOTE the app that has all of 17 ratings and has never been updated since it was released in late 2018?

Is this some sort of less-than-clever guerilla viral marketing campaign?

Otherwise, if your intent was to actually attempt to remove an app that no one ever realized was there, you've probably only succeeded in increasing its viewership from 1 to 5.

Nothing to see here folks, move along...


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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Channel promoting COVID-19 Misinformation


Is your Roku forcing you to watch it? If so, I'm going to suggest removing the app from your device.

  1. Highlight the on the menu
  2. Press the Options button (asterisk)
  3. Scroll up to Remove channel
  4. Scroll up to Remove

Problem solved.

If the app keeps returning, you may wish to add a PIN to your account to prevent other users of your Roku device and/or account from re-adding the app.

Roku Community Streaming Expert
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Re: Channel promoting COVID-19 Misinformation



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