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Changing channels in LiveTV

If I have run the LiveTV channel search, and now have 100+ found channels in LiveTV, my question is other than changing one channel numerically up and down, is there a way to go to a specific live channel with my Roku remote? There are no numbers to press on my Roku remote. How do i get a specific channel without clicking 50+ times?


Re: Changing channels in LiveTV

Did you ever get this answer? I too am frustrated. 

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Re: Changing channels in LiveTV


If you are using a RokuTV remote, kind of limited to a couple of things that may make navigating the LiveTV a bit easier. (Applies to Roku Channel streaming channels and Antenna/OTA channels)

1. Seperate the Roku Live TV Streaming Channels from the Antenna/OTA live TV.  You can access the Roku Streaming Channels from within the Roku Channel or selecting Live TV from Home Screen on Main Menu located on left side of screen.  (Settings/TV Inputs/LiveTV/Hide Streaming Channels).

2. Use the new Channel Filters. (Favorites).  You can choose this from either Settings/TV Inputs/LiveTV/Manage Channels) or by pressing the * button while in the Guide or on the OTA Channel and selecting Manage Channels.


If you are using a Roku Voice Remote or the official Roku Remote app available in Play/Apple stores for your mobile device, then you can jump to Channels using the microphone icon by saying the channel number or channel name.  This will work for the Roku Channel Live TV channels, but not the OTA/Antenna.  However, with the mobile Roku Remote app, you can use the keyboard feature and type in the channel number.  This works for both Roku Channel Live TV and OTA/Antenna. 

The above methods currently work with the Roku Channel Live TV and OTA/Antenna Live TV.  They apparently don't work with other Channel/app Live TV services like Plex, Pluto, etc. currently.  For those Channels/apps will still have to scroll through the channels or look to see if they have an included similar Favorite feature available in their Guides.  

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