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Certain files audio not working through Roku

I have a lot of MKV and M4V files where when streamed from a DLNA server to my Roku, the video streams fine, but the audio sounds like fuzz and popping. When I use another device (phone, xbox, computer), the audio and video works fine. So I know its the Roku. It worked about a year ago but doesn't work now.

I'm using Roku Media Player.

Anything I can change? Are there other Roku channels to try?




EDIT: Posted to wrong forum. Mods, can you please move to playback issues?

Level 7

Re: Certain files audio not working through Roku

It's an issue with the May/June update to the Roku Media Player app that Roku has yet to acknowledge or address.  I ended up going with Plex and paying for the lifetime subscription as it is a good program that is highly customizable. I dealt with Roku Media Player as it was free and there were no ads, but I figured if it can't even play media files anymore, what's the point?

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