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Reel Rookie

Cant add channels to Roku TV

We had to reset up out TV for some reason. When I got it set up there were no channels. When I tried to add back our channels it said not enough storage, but there are no channels on the TV to remove. How do I fix this and put our channels back on the TV?

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Re: Cant add channels to Roku TV

Roku does not make TVs. They only make the software. So who is the manufacturer of your TV? How long have you owned it for? Why did you have to do a factory reset? How many channels are installed at this point? What is the model number of your TV?

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Reel Rookie

Re: Cant add channels to Roku TV

The TV is a Hisense TV. Model number 32H4030F1. We’ve had the TV a few years. We did not do a reset, it did it on its on for some reason. It isn’t showing any channels, and when I went to add channels it said storage was full. 

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Binge Watcher

Re: Cant add channels to Roku TV

Sounds like you may have an internal failure. You can always buy a Roku Express 4K or a Stick 4K and plug it into the HDMI port of your Roku TV. But your TV is out of warranty unfortunately 

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Re: Cant add channels to Roku TV


Your Hisense RokuTV may have simply reset itself due to either a software or hardware issue.

Perhaps try doing another Factory Reset. (Settings/System/Advanced System Settings/Factory Reset)

During the setup, try to select the minimal amount of Channels/apps that Roku allows for install.  Roku did have an activation outage the other day so possible that this coincided with your Reset and something got corrupted along the way.

Before you do the Factory Reset, take note of the OS and build numbers. (Settings/System/About).  Then compare after performing the Factory Reset.  

If still in same boat after Factory Reset, try a Manual System Update (Settings/System/System Update).


These are probably going to be the available steps available to you  to try and correct a corrupt Roku  OS.  If the issue remains, would have to consider that a hardware issue begins to be a likely culprit requiring repair or replacement. 

As indicated, may be able to prolong the use of the RokuTV by purchasing a Roku Streaming Player and connecting that to an available HDMI port.  The new streaming player will then carry the burden of the OS and the RokuTV should then become an ordinary TV (sound, video, and OTA/antenna functions).  Some users use this method to upgrade older RokuTVs by adding a player or streambar so not too out of the ordinary.  

Feel free to post back with an update or if you need more help.

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