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Can't stream anything via Roku Channel

Older Roku Stick:

3400x - Roku Stik

S#: 1EE293021625

Software Version: 9.1.0 Build 5009-05


I haven't used this stick in a number of years. Pulled it out to watch the Weird Al movie today but cant get the Roku Channel to play anything. I select "Play" and it Says "Loading" then reverts back to the screen with the Play option.

So I reset to default and then made sure all software updates were applied then restarted, reconnected to wifi, re-registered the device on, deleted the Roku Channel, restarted, reinstalled the Roku channel and still nothing.

I did get some Tubi shows to stream properly on it to make sure it was at least working to that extent.

Not too sure what to do next.

Thanks for any guidance.

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Re: Can't stream anything via Roku Channel


The 3400 is indeed an older device..  It is a second generation Roku device released in 2012, and is no longer receiving support from Roku.  It is incapable of running Roku software beyond version 9.1, whereas at this writing Roku is rolling out the update from version 11.0 to 11.5.

Features and capabilities have been added to models released since the 3400.  Many channel app developers have written their apps to take advantage of these advancements and have subsequently dropped support for early models like the 3400, or newer channels may never have supported the 3400 in the first place.

Some channel sources list the Roku models they support on their websites but many do not, making it difficult to make a determination for any given channel source. 

I don't think I've ever seen a declaration from Roku as to what Roku models and/or Roku operating software versions their The Roku Channel requires, although on this page they do say "The Roku Channel is only available on current generation Roku streaming devices". 

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