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Can’t get antenna channels on Live TV

Only streaming channels are showing up on my Live TV.  I recently bought an antenna to watch a show on broadcast TV.  When I was setting up the antenna, it asked if I wanted to include streaming channels, but now only the streaming channels are showing up.  I really wanted to watch a show right now that I n missing.  But more importantly how do I change this?  If I have to get rid of the streaming channels I will.

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Re: Can’t get antenna channels on Live TV


Assuming this is a RokuTV and not a TV with a Roku device connected via HDMI. 

Look in the Settings for an unused Input.  It is termed Live TV Input, but you can rename it to Antenna.

(Settings/TV Inputs) 

You can Hide the Streaming Channels from your Antenna channels in the same Settings menu. (Settings/TV Inputs/Live TV/Manage Channels/Hide Streaming Channels).  You can still access the Streaming Channels from either the Roku Channel or look on the left side of Home Screen Menu for Live TV.

After you set up the Antenna Input, you may have to do a Rescan of channels if not showing up.

(Settings/TV Inputs/Live TV/Scan for Antenna Channels)


FYI, I renamed my Antenna Input to Antenna from the default "Live TV" to keep things clearer on my RokuTV and have the Streaming Channels hidden.

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