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Can I watch Steeler games for free using my roku?

Hi, I was told I could stream Live Pittsburgh Steeler games using my roku? When installing, it wouldn't allow me to pick my cable company; which is Comcast? Why? Does this matter? Am I able to view live games using my Roku? When I typed in Pittsburgh Steeler it brought me to several different apps using the roku on my TV that I have to pay to view.

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Re: Can I watch Steeler games for free using my roku?

Roku doesn't provide the content, it's merely the streaming platform. Since you have Comcast, there is an Xfinity channel for Roku devices in the channel store, and it should provide you with whatever content you subscribe to. For something such as a particular sports team, there might be local blackouts on viewing. They also might be available through the NFL channel, which requires a subscription. If you subscribe to NFL through Comcast, you might be able to use the NFL channel for Roku devices. 

But as to your question, I seriously doubt you'll find any major sporting events that are "free". One way or another, you have to pay to see them. Yes, you'll need to install a channel to view them. And more than likely it will cost something. An NFL game available for free would most likely be in violation of the Roku terms of agreement with a channel provider, and that channel would soon disappear. But if you have a subscription to NFL through some other means, such as through Comcast, then you might have access through the NFL channel. I don't watch sports, so have no idea how it might work for that specific sports franchise. 


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Re: Can I watch Steeler games for free using my roku?


You didn't mention where you live? I am a Steelers fan too, but I live in the Baltimore area. In order for me to watch the Steelers I pay for cable from  xfinity cable. Like Dan mentioned xfinity has an app that is compatible with Roku devices that you can watch the steelers on assuming you are in the Pittsburgh market. I am also a subscriber to DirecTV NFL Sunday ticket stream version for the Steelers games. The Sunday ticket is for people that live outside of the Pittsburgh market.       

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