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Brand new Roku with someone else log in

I'm pretty sure this is on Roku. I just opened a Roku Ultra and it logged me into someone else's HBO, Hulu, and Disney+, the only one that didnt log me into someone else's account was Netflix. 

Sadly I'm over my return date for the device but I've already posted this security risk for sale on Facebook. 

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Re: Brand new Roku with someone else log in

Hi @Cajun504, we're happy to look into this for you! Channels through the Roku Channel are logged into automatically and use your Roku credentials. For other channels like HBO, Hulu, and Disney+ you would be required to have your own separate login information with each of those channel providers. Unless the information was put in at some point and each individual account was logged into, you should not have access to the content provided by those channels. To resolve this, we strongly suggest you just sign the account out and sign yourself in. As of the moment, we are not experiencing any issues pertaining to accounts being logged in automatically to any Roku devices without any help externally. If you have any other questions about this please let us know!

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Re: Brand new Roku with someone else log in

This has been going on for the longest time.   Just like some other account shows up in your Roku, your account could be showing up on someone else’s Roku.   Yes, you can log out but what if the other person doesn’t?

HBO says its a Roku problem.   Roku says its not their problem yet several people are having this issue so it is a problem.  Think that if HBO account passwords are being randomly shared to non account  owners, what expectations of security we can have then for credit cards or sense of privacy for the content that we watch?  How about sensitive content shown to kids?

My advice is to change all the passwords.   Don’t subscribe to anything to get paid through the Roku account and third, when it comes time to upgrade your TV or streaming stick, look elsewhere.  

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Re: Brand new Roku with someone else log in - 3 year old roku tv (updated then had issue)

Definitely a security breach when it comes to the HBO Max channel.  I have the users name, email and last 4 of his discover credit card.  I have done a factory reset on the TV, reinstalled the HBO Max channel, and it still populates back to the same user.  It looks like this post started about 2 years ago and maybe the retailers that sell this product would like to know that the devices they are selling have multiple security breaches.  Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, ABC Warehouse, Target, this is fairly widespread.  Not to mention HBO.  I'm just getting tired of having my information stolen and everyone just shrugs their shoulders.  I'm sure the owner of the account on my TV probably feels the same.  

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