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Boxing..... Showtime on the Roku channel vs. Showtime vs. Showtime Anytime?

So when I had cable, I always subscribed to Showtime for the boxing.  I almost never watched the fights live.  I would record them on my DVR, and sometimes watch them later that night, or the next day.  That system worked great for many years.

So now I cancelled cable, and got Roku.  I purchased the Showtime/Epix bundle.  The Showtime on the Roku channel app only has 2 live channels.... east and west.  I missed the fight, but thought it would be no big deal..... I'd just stream it the next day.  Apparently you can not do that?!

It looks like if I just subscribed to Showtime directly, I *would* be able to stream the fight later.   ....and I'm not sure about this, but from what I can tell, Showtime Anytime would also stream the fight, but I need to have Showtime through a cable provider to use it.

Can someone please clarify this for me.  I'm not sure why Showtime on the Roku channel, and regular Showtime don't allow me to do the exact same thing?

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Re: Boxing..... Showtime on the Roku channel vs. Showtime vs. Showtime Anytime?

I can't speak specifically to Showtime, but in general subscribing to something through The Roku Channel (or just subscribing to any service through Roku or any third party) doesn't give you the same thing as subscribing directly with the provider.  Part of the reason is that the third party takes a big cut of that subscription money.  It's almost always better to subscribe directly with the provider.  The only advantages I can see to subscribing through Roku is that your payments will be in one place and the subscriptions will just work on your other Roku devices linked to the same Roku account without the need to sign in.  In my opinion, the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.  I don't know if you'll be able to duplicate your Showtime cable experience with Showtime streaming.  A DVR is one thing that won't be available, so they'd have to offer some kind of Video on Demand service to make up for it.

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