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Benson Video Quality Is Poor/Constant Buffering on Amazon Fire Tablet

I was trying to watch episodes of Benson on my computer but the video quality was poor. You could still make out what you were looking at but the quality of the episodes were almost pixelated. So, figuring it might be my computer,  I switched over to watching on my Amazon Fire tablet. The video quality is ok. Kinda fuzzy but way better than on my computer. However, it literally keeps buffering every 5 seconds. Just like on my computer, it does not matter what episode you're watching. 

So I turned off my tablet, made sure my computer was off and I rebooted my internet. When it set back up, I went on my computer and same thing as before. Then I tried my tablet, same thing as before.

Has Roku said anything about issues on their end? Benson and Coach are not the only shows having video quality issues. I tried to watch Bewitched, thinking it was an issue with just Benson and sure enough - the video quality is poor. (I just found out about the issues with Coach.)