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BBC News and BBC Sports apps (UK only)

Not a question, just a statement based on what I have found from other sources, in case anyone else has been wondering where the BBC News and BBC sports apps have gone.

BBC decided to remove these apps from all Smart TVs and Streaming devices from 16 Nov 2020, including Roku.

These apps were only available in UK region.  As far as I know BBC World News app available in the US still exists.

Related to this, BBC IPlayer Radio and BBC IPlayer International Radio have also been replaced by BBC Sounds (all regions), but BBC Sounds is only available on Roku devices that support OS 9.3 and above (and has been problematic for some).

Sadly the best way to resolve BBC IPlayer and BBC Sounds problems is to remove the app, then do an system update check to ensure on 9.3/9.4, then do a full factory reset, and relink to your Roku account. Add BBC iPlayer/Sounds from channel store on device. Then system update once or twice more until no more updating hsppens.  This means that logins for BBC and other services (e g. Netflix, other TV channel apps) will need to be reentered or relinked. :-(.

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