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Automatic account link reset - Disney+?

Is there a way to reset sign in credentials stored on the Automatic Account Link?

situation: a friend logged into their Disney plus to watch a movie, I then decided to get my own, but I can’t log out of his. I’ve deleted the app and factory reset my Roku device, but every time I log in to my Roku account and re download then app, it automatically signs in to his account.

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Re: Automatic account link reset


I expect you need to log out from your friend's account from within the Disney+ channel app, then log back in with your own account.

Unfortunately I unsubscribed months ago so I can't give detailed instructions.  Look for a "sign out", "log off" or similarly named item under "settings", "options", "account", or similar menu options

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Re: Automatic account link reset

I think the bigger problem here is that somehow after factory reset, login credentials are still present on the device. That’s a huge security flaw! A reset of the device should remove all user information. Heck! An uninstall of the app should do that. However, I’ve noticed the same problem when I try to uninstall and reinstall and try to do a complete factory reset of the device. Somehow my secure credentials are being cached and stored on a device I reset. This means they can be accessed by anyone who gets access to this device regardless of reset.

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Re: Automatic account link reset

@stokhosUrsus, I'm not going to claim to understand how this automatic login is occurring, but have you noticed if the automatic login occurs if you factory reset and link to a different Roku account?  That would be a bigger deal than if it occurs when linking to the old Roku account.

As far as removing and reinstalling a channel/app, you must restart your Roku device after removing and before reinstalling to remove any saved information.

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Re: Automatic account link reset

Hi @stokhosUrsus, we see that you have concerns with your login information remaining on channels even after a factory reset of your device. To get more information about this particular issue on your account, we will be reaching out to you directly here on The Roku Community. Please keep an eye out for our message so we can help you out! 

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