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Reel Rookie

Automatic Account Linking - Need to change auto linked account

Had a disappointing chat with a Roku Tech about Sling logging into the wrong account at channel installation (and sometimes updates) as part of the ROKU Automatic Account Link feature.

This feature was implemented by Roku back in 2019 so you only need to sign into a channel on one device and it will auto login on any other devices when they are set up. The tech's solution was to do a factory reset, even though it was happening also on a brand new device that I was setting up while talking to him, unless a brand new device will need a reset? This entire issue is on the Roku server end and how it handles the account linking that they implemented. It has nothing to do with any hardware on my side.

After doing a factory reset on a brand new device at their direction, it still had the wrong login info for the Auto Account Link to Sling. I would like to see Roku fix this on their end as it is their server feature and not my hardware.

Also they should give us the ability to change these logins that are attached to our Roku accounts. Currently there is nothing under "My Account" that I can go to in order to fix this myself.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Automatic Account Linking - Need to change auto linked account

Here is the TS chat log.....

Chat started

The automatic account link feature for Sling keeps pulling up the wrong log-in credentials from someone who used it on my system long ago. Is there a way to reset or change this?

Balaji joined the chat


Hello Paul Scott, Hope you're doing great there. Thanks for contacting Roku Technical support. My name is Balaji

Good morning/afternoon/evening depending on where you are. I am thanks. How's your day going?


Yes, Paul. I am good.

Please confirm you are facing this issue while accessing the channel am I right?

On initial installation of the channel yes. I can log in with different credentials once I have loaded it, but the new channel installation always uses the bad credentials from the account link

account link feature of roku i mean


I do understand, could you please confirm the device details.

I request you to click on Home - Settings - System - About for the device details.

Are we still connected?

Device ID **HIDDEN**


Software 11.5.0 Build 4235-50

But it isn't a hardware issue at all. This is strictly on Roku's servers for the account link function with the log in information for Sling TV when the channel is installed.

The hardware is working perfectly. That is why I have been using Roku since the 1st one came out before Smart TVs and still do.


Give me 2 mins I'll check and get back to you.



Thanks for sharing the details.

I request you to open the sling and sign-out and remove the channel and add the channel again and check now.

when I do that I am able to sign in with the right account but the "auto Login" feature is what i'm talking about because it has wrong credentials stored somewhere and I can't change them or access them

sorry, didn't read it fully. jold on


Sure, paul.

It still signed in with the wrong account

Instead of **EMAIL REMOVED** it has **EMAIL REMOVED**


Give me 2 mins I'll check and get back to you.


Feedback for the Roku development team - Add a place online in "My Account" where a user can edit stored passwords like this without having to reach out.


Thank you for your patience.



Paul, I will take it as a feedback as I checked it was happens only with the sling channel and Once we get an update regrading this we will get back you. Also you can contact once with Sling channel regarding this issue because its happening only in sling.

But it is the Roku "Automatic Account Link Feature" that is the cause of this, not Sling i would think. This was started back in 2019 by Roku.

Is there a way for you to completely clear any account link information from my account? At least this way I will know that once I start over it will have the right credentials.


Will do with the factory reset,

As we have tried all the troubleshooting steps and the issues seem to persist, let's try factory resetting the device and check if it fixes your issue. Please note that performing a factory reset on your Roku device will erase your personal preferences, unlink your Roku device from your Roku account, reset all settings and return your Roku device to a state ready for initial setup. Please reset by navigating to Home > Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Factory reset > Factory reset everything.

No it doesn't. I just bought a brand new Ultra and was setting it up while we were talking about the streaming stick. It logged in to the same account too. Unless a brand new one needs a factory reset?

It is something on your server that is linked to my account that tells a channel what to lon in with as part of the automatic account linking.


As I check there is no subscription via Roku, so there is no opportunity to link the device from our server.

Here is how Roku describes the new Automatic Account Link feature: Makes subscription streaming on multiple Roku devices with the same account easier for users. If a customer has already logged in to a supported subscription service on a Roku device, they will not be required to re-enter their credentials when launching the same channel on an additional Roku device. Link is currently available on nearly 10 subscription streaming services including Pandora and Sling TV with additional services expected to be supported soon. This feature is now available to developers and publishers to integrate into their channel. Streaming channels are expected to integrate support for Automatic Account Link shortly. Update: Roku reached out with a clarification that only 10 Roku Channels right now support Roku Link including Sling TV. More are expected to be adding support for Roku link shortly. We have asked Roku for a full list of supported Roku Channels and will post an update as we learn more. Update: Roku reached out to Cord Cutters News to say that at launch Hulu, Sling TV, Pandora, Philo, fuboTV, and more will support this new feature.


As a solution, will do factory reset for the device and check and if not persist you needs to contact the Sling channel

Did you read this part of my previous message: " I just bought a brand new Ultra and was setting it up while we were talking about the streaming stick. It logged in to the same account too. Unless a brand new one needs a factory reset?"


Please do factory reset, and check whether the issue is still presisit.



Hey Paul Scott, it looks like you've been idle for more than three minutes. Just a heads-up that a long delay in response time may cause a disconnection. If there is no response in the next minute, this session will end. Thanks for your understanding.

Factory reset complete. Channels auto downloaded, Sling still logged into the incorrect account based on the info downloaded from Roku

And you may want to have the timers for auto disconnect adjusted especially if you tell someone to do a factory reset as that does take some time.


Is it possible to sign-out the sling account which is in logged in?

Especially considering some of the newer ones that need remote set up and may have slower download speeds

Yes, and I have been doing that. The point of this chat was to get the correct info to auto download instead of me having to go in and manually log in on each device. That is why Roku started the Auto Account Link feature in the first place.


Please confirm have you sign-out the Sling?


and signed in with the correct credentials


Please confirm is it able to access the channel?



Please confirm is your issue resolved?

No, if I still reinstall the channel the Roku Automatic Account Link feature will still have it auto log in with the wrong credentials.

Chat ended

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Retired Moderator

Re: Automatic Account Linking - Need to change auto linked account

Thanks for the post.

If you are already in touch with our Support team, we would recommend continuing to work with them as they would best be able to assist you moving foward.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Automatic Account Linking - Need to change auto linked account


Were I faced with this problem, while waiting to hear back from Roku support, I think I'd try the following:

Go into the Sling app on each Roku and log out of the current account. I don't have Sling so I can't give explicit instructions, but the option to log out is usually found in an Options, Settings, Account, or similarly named option in the app.

This might be overkill, but for good measure I'd probably then uninstall the Sling app on each Roku too. BEFORE doing anything else, restart each Roku (Settings > System > Power > System restart, or Settings > System > System restart, depending on the Roku model) to clear out each one's memory.

Then I'd reinstall Sling on one of them and see if I could log it into the desired account.

If successful, install to your other Rokus and see if they auto log in to the desired account.

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