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Apps to use not that many usefull

I think android got roku beat on apps. Very limited. Need tondo something. I had android. Hundreds of apps I actually use. Thought id give roku a try. Well it sucks. Apple snd android far better then rok app. Tv is good op sys yuk. Sorry roku. Do something useful like add more apps. We all ate not into free movies. Most arena one time see then poof never seen again. 

well just innclude lots of apps. One I use most earthcam. Live camers around the world. Well. This will bring out the trolls and useless comments from useless posters. So will not be back on to see them.  Just do something about very little spps. 

i had roku when first came out. Two boxes and dongle. Last time i used them 12 or so yrs ago. Cause very few apps. 

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