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AppleTV+ Movies shutting down & reverting to home page after 3-4 mins. (or sooner)

Yesterday (3/16) I posted a problem that had related posts to, but today, I cannot find that post, so, I'll reiterate. My TV a Hisense-Roku Model  50R6E. 

     I was having a problem with AppleTV+ ,movies shutting down after 3-4 mins & reverting to the AppleTV+ home page.  After seeking help with  Apple, & Hisense support, it was finally suggested that I remove the Fire stick, which I added about a month ago, and unplug the TV for a minute. I did that & turned on the TV and accessed AppleTV+ and played a movie, which ran full length with no problems. So, this morning I plugged the Fire stick back in and ran the movie again with no problem. So, what's the solution ?

We can guess that it should be that if you plug in a new device, unplug the TV for a minute and restart. , I don't know. I promised in a post yesterday (that has since disappeared) I would report what happened and hopefully it will help others who encounter the same problem. Good Luck. Robert

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