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Ads Interrupting YouTube content

Ads are interrupting YouTube content during streaming using Roku Streaming Stick plus.  For example, while watching Eurovision Riverdance 'Reel Around the Sun' performance, an ad broke into the content itself and pretty much blew up the whole performance.  I understand there's no such thing as 'free' and get ads before starting content...  but during a story or performance with no regard to context?  Not good.  Has this happened to anyone else?  

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Level 18

Re: Ads Interrupting YouTube content

There do seem to be more and more ads on youtube, and as a result, I watch it less and less. Smiley Happy


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Re: Ads Interrupting YouTube content

To watch YouTube ad free you have to subscribe to their premium plan. In the UK it costs £11.99 per month for an individual user or £17.99 for a family plan.

This is a price I am not willing to pay. If you Google some people have purchased accounts in cheaper countries like India and Turkey  where the price is very much cheaper than UK and USA.


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Re: Ads Interrupting YouTube content

It's a Youtube decision. As someone else said, they seem to be injecting more ads into vids, including mid-roll ads. not ideal but really that's how antennae & cable TV did it, so not completely revolutionary or a mistake.

It happens on my cell phone app too.

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