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About the availability of YouTube TV on Roku

I invested in five Roku devices for every TV in my home. When I purchased these devices YouTube TV was available on them. The YouTube TV app was uninstalled in a couple of them by mistake and now we can no longer install the app, I assume because of your current disputes with Google. I am an existing customer, so the YouTube TV app should available to me. Can you please fix this issue? I don't think we consumers should be affected by your disputes. We buy your products expecting that they will work.

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Roku Guru

Re: About the availability of YouTube TV on Roku

You can watch YouTube TV by using the regular YouTube app and then going to YouTube TV at the bottom of the menu on the left.

It's all about a fight over whether Google can force Roku to limit searches to just Google services...

Roku Guru

Re: About the availability of YouTube TV on Roku


If all of your devices are linked to the same account, YouTube TV app was uninstalled on all of your devices or none of them.  If your devices are on different accounts and some of the devices still have the YouTube TV app you can link those that do not have the app to an account that still has the YouTube TV app.