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Hello, I have a SKY TV player model: 6201sp, in September 2020 the SKY.ES service stopped serving in Spain, and before its dismissal, it remotely blocked all its devices, turning them into papal steps and thus preventing customers who If they had such a device purchased or given away, they could use it in another way.
For what they served to help pollute the environment because their only solution was to throw it in the "garbage".
Some of us still keep the device hoping that ROKU or someone else will release an update so we can use it again, but no one has a solution.

A greeting.

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Level 18

Re: 6201sp SKY TV BOX - BLOCKED SINCE 2020

It seems to me that you or Sky should have started working on this project at least 2 years ago, as surely most of these devices would have been thrown away by now.

I have on occasion said that I am going to write a web browser for my Altair 8800, but I never get to it.  I’m really not sure whether that, or cracking a Sky box and putting your own firmware on it would be harder.  Either project would be just-for-fun though as I can’t imagine a commercial market for these. 

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