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Level 8

youtube showing latest videos ONLY!

I usually watch all of my youtube videos through Roku on my TV.  Tonight, I went to watch my videos from my subscriptions, but it will only show the latest videos from subscriptions.  Anything older from 18 hours ago, will NOT show up.  However, if i go to each individual channel, I can see the channel's videos regardless of how old they are.  


I feel like this is a settings issue but can't seem to fix it.  and btw, if I go to my youtube subscription videos on my PC, I can see ALL of the videos, not just the lastest videos.

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Level 18

Re: youtube showing latest videos ONLY!

Im not clear what you are saying.

When you are in your Youtube Home screen it shows only the latest?

The app pretty much reflects what my computer does only with brevity in mind.

Are you logged in with the same account???

You can reset the app from within Youtube through its settings

but I dont know if it will give you what you want. Whatever it is......

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 11

Re: youtube showing latest videos ONLY!

I'm logged into my YouTube account and it appears to be working normally.

Do you have any restrictions enabled on your ROKU/YouTube app?

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Level 8

Re: youtube showing latest videos ONLY!

When I go into YT through roku, on the left hand side, it has my subscriptions there.  I scroll down, then I move the cursor over to the right where i can navigate the videos in my subscription feed.  At the top, it lists "latest videos" and as I start to scroll down the list, there should be all of my videos from my subscriptions, but it only has the latest videos.  Any video older than 18 hours will not show up.

I've never had this problem before, it just started up last night -_-

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