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Re: weather underground

"atc98092" wrote:
"RAIST5150" wrote:
Thankfully, some of our locals put weather forecasts and radar on their OTA side channels 24/7.  Might want to look into it in your areas.  Our ABC and Fox affiliates do it, and can pick them up with a coat hanger... literally, I once opened one up and made a makeshift loop antenna with a piece of old rg59.  15.1 will be main ABC, but 15.2 will be a rotation like the Weather Channel used to do.  Little 3-5 minute ad breaks at top and bottom of the hour, but better than being forced to endure an ad cycle blasted at you every time you load an app.

Where I live I have a direct shot to downtown Seattle, where there are 6 different TV station towers. Even though I'm about 25 miles from them, I can receive most of them with just a paper clip straightened out and inserted in the antenna connection. VHF/UHF signals are great if you have direct line of sight and a reasonable distance. But I have another station that has some minor terrain between us, and even though they are only 20 miles away I get a very poor signal, if at all. And I have a large TV antenna hanging inside my garage up high, and it is capable of getting one station occasionally that is over 80 miles away. 
For OTA signals, I always suggest giving an antenna a try. Also, go to AntennaWeb and enter your address. it will give you a very good idea what stations you might be able to get, their direction and distance, and a recommended antenna type for success. 

I have a big Clearstream in the attic. Just did the homemade antenna as a test to see what I might find with a simple one before I "cut the cord" and plunked the cash and time into setting up to feed the house with a higher quality antenna.

The point was people may be able to grab a channel offering around the clock forecasts with even just a cheap $10 antenna.
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