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unwanted app keeps re-installing

I have 5 Roku devices linked to my Roku account and on one of them I see strange behavior.  Every time I turn on the tv, Tubi has re-installed itself and is playing back content.  I immediately remove Tubi and go on to watch whatever it is I had intended to watch.  I'll turn off the tv and then the next time I return, whether it's overnight or an hour later, Tubi is installed again.

I do not want Tubi and have never used Tubi intentionally.  This only happens on 1 device and first occurred a few weeks ago.  This device (a 4630x running was first linked to my account in 2017 and has worked flawlessly up until recently.

My current working theory is that this behavior is somehow linked to the Roku mobile app.  This is the only one of my Roku devices I regularly control with the mobile app on my iPhone.  I tend to use the app to control my Roku while exercising with my stationary bike.  Could the backgrounded app be launching content from Tubi?

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Re: unwanted app keeps re-installing

I think I mostly figured it out.  After posting here yesterday, the screensaver on my problematic Roku came on.  It's the City Stroll: Movie Magic screensaver that has ads for Tubi content embedded in it.  I'm guessing when I power on my tv and receiver with my Logitech Harmony remote the remote is sending an "enter" command which then clicks the Tubi ad.  While I haven't had this issue with any of my other Roku devices including those controlled with Harmony remotes, it does indeed look like changing to an ad-free screensaver has solved my issue.

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Re: unwanted app keeps re-installing

There are a few screensavers that do this.  Don't really understand the screensaver developer's thinking there.  Most people don't like  unrequested pushes/installations.

You can set up a PIN under your online Account Dashboard that may help dissuade this behavior. (Asks for PIN before channels can be least this way a box should pop up alerting you when this happens).

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