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unable to stream any channels and has disabled netflix

Hi all, 

My roku express isn't very old and i've had no problems with it what so ever, but suddenly netflix app on it didn't work, with the error or ui-800-3 claiming connectivity issues i also checked other apps such as bbc iplayer and YouTube only to be met with a black screen. i checked all connections (all were excellent) however Netflix server 2 and 3 were down on roku. i then restored it to factory settings as a last option and then all worked again for about 5 hours until the problem occurred again. 

i have checked everything and there is noting out of the ordinary and i have tried everything: restart, restore to factory settings, wifi router on and off, system updates, system restart, network connection reset even clearing the cache on my netflix mobile app. But the problem now is that i cant get to netflix on my mobile either claiming "sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service.(-14)" however this has recently tured to (-9) What is happening and how do I fix it please? is it a problem with roku, Netflix or my wifi router? All sites and support places i have looked say the same thing that i have tried over and over again with no success. 

Many thanks. 


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Re: unable to stream any channels and has disabled netflix

same here factory reset did nothing but take a whole lot of time for me to put all the **bleep** back on the TLC 55in roku and they don't even help people

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