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ultra exits netflix title to roku home page repeatedly

Starting a couple of weeks ago. My Roku ultra exits Netflix titles mid-stream. They stream for up to 10 minutes then return the Roku home page. This is the only channel that does this.
I have:
Deleted Netflix.
unplugged the ultra.
plugged it back in.
added Netflix back.
I have done this repeatedly and it does not solve the problem. I have also restarted Netflix and that doesn't work either.
I spent an hour with Netflix yesterday and they weren't able to fix it either. They had me repeat the the steps outlined above.
Is the ultra defective? I have had it for about a year and it has worked fine until now. Did Roku make a system change that screwed everything up?
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Re: ultra exits netflix title to roku home page repeatedly

So I've also been having this issue you speak of.  I've been waiting for a thread to pop up, and yours looks like the closest one.

In my case, I'm on a Hitachi Roku TV.  However, same symptoms.  Only thing I can pin it down to is, "it was working fine before the last couple of Roku 8.x software updates" and it's only impacting the Netflix channel, no other ones.

Pick something on Netflix, watch for a few minutes and then at some random interval, it's like someone hit Home on the remote.  Only they didn't. 

Netflix just crashes out to the Home screen.  Go back into Netflix, resume where I left off...  It'll play for another 20-30 minutes, then exits again.  It's driving my wife nuts.

I've tried removing and reinstalling Netflix.  Didn't change situation.  I tried removing Netflix, rebooting, then reinstalling Netflix, same effect. 

Short of factory-resetting the whole TV (ugh, for one app?!), is there any thing else suggested we can try for this particular issue?

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