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remote buffering issue

My question is in regard to using Plex on the Express. I have quite a few categories to choose from to view. Movies and photos especially. As i scroll down to what I want to view and if I move along without pausing between each category the box locks up. It's as though there are to many scroll down commands for the Roku to handle. What then occurs is that the Roku locks up. In time it'll either go to home or reboot.

Now i've always been able to scroll down my list of channels on my Roku and all that happens is that the Roku stores all scroll down commands and scrolls down until it goes through all the scroll down commands.

This leads to me to believe the problem has something to do with Plex itself.  that it can't handle to many scroll down commands. I unpinned all my photo categories there for less to scroll through just movies. The Roku seems to be mostly ok. I've also learned that this quirk is mostly eliminated if I do the same on my Roku Ultra. The Ultra only froze a few times. I did keep all the photo categories on that box.

I hope what i wrote makes any sense to someone. Any input is greatly appreciated. Is there a max number of categories the channel can handle before it effects the Roku itself. I do plan on looking over on the Plex board for any help.

Roku Stick +, Roku Express (3900x) ,Roku Ultra (4660RW) .FIOS Quantum modem router, Verizon FIOS 100/100, LG HDTV 42LH90, Pioneer VSX-920 Audio/Video Multi Channel Receiver
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