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problems with CBS all access app PT2

I don't know why the first part of this discussion group is now locked and I can't add onto it but it is. (I'm new here), Anyways, if you read the last posts you will understand that I too have the same issue. I can watch CBS Live on one roku in my living room but not on the other in my bedroom. "content unavailable" is all it says and I did all the things suggested to do. Install/uninstall/reboot before reinstalling/ tried through the actual channel itself and through Amazon Prime. Same issue. Won't play on older Roku (it previously did last year before I deactivated the channel middle of last yr. I just started paying again. Note: using an entirely new CBS account/email to associate). WTH? CBS Live plays on the newer stick Roku in my living room, but not on my Roku 3 (or 4 can't remember). It did play on this older Roku before at the beginning of 2017. I was just on the live CHAT with Roku and told the person all this and was told by the CHAT helpline that "THERE ARE NO KNOWN ISSUES WITH ROKU AND THE CHANNEL, YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE CHANNEL PROVIDER DIRECTLY".. I did, and CBS Live states it's a ROKU ISSUE! 
Can you all get it together and figure out what is going on and not point fingers? I wanna lay in bed after my 80hour work week and watch the only show i care about on CBS Live.. Jus sayin..
Mahalo ROKU!
I love you and can't live without you! You saved us all from the evil cable/satellite company monopoly! I'm so happy to watch them fall/get kicked in the pants all with the thanks of ROKU! God Bless America & God Bless ROKU.. Smiley Happy Smiley Very Happy
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