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paying for streaming 2, 3, 4 times for services. Please this is possible.

Here's the deal, we like British shows, especially the older ones that PBS used to offer.  Some of these programs are BBC, Others are ITV.   In any case, BritBox which is supposed to be offering "all programs via BBC and ITV"  are auctioning out shows to Amazon, Roku and other streaming services that hopes to bundle your account with services like BritBox, HBO, etc.    BritBox won't (literally won't) give you programs that they have offered elsewhere (like to Amazon bundles, etc) and though the rightful owner of these programs is often complicated like "Inspector Lewis" which is a Joint production by BBC and PBS becomes a harder matter to fix.  You can buy subscription to get the program in the Amazon Bundle, or do without.

What is happening is that each bundled access is doing is basically charging you for your primary access PLUS the bundle.  We all get that.  But if you go to BritBox hoping to watch the show they've managed to license out, you cannot get access to their show.  You will need to buy the bundle from PBS or from amazon, Roku, etc  and have an additional account that you are paying for to get the shows your premium channel is demanding you pay now a full extra monthly.  So, you may in fact be paying for 2, 3, 4 accounts of BritBox, etc in order to have access to the shows they have licensed out.  Get it?  And it is frustrating, because you can't simply get access you will in the end pay more than if you have cable. And BritBox has horrible, horrible access both in terms of their show access as well as customer services.  There have been issues with this Service basically not terminating and pulling money from your account.  Please read carefully their Terms of Services.

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