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no interraction to Netflix

I received my unit last night and have connected it to both my wireless and wired network connections. 

The unit seems to boot up and identify the network(s) properly but when it runs through it's connection list, it stops at the last one (connection to Netflix) pauses for about 30 seconds and reboots! 

Then, if the wired patch cable is plugged in the unit will not work with the remote. If I disconnect the network cable and reboot, then plug the network cable in, the remote works fine. 

I suspect that a patch will fix the network cable, plug, unplug thing and that since I have an older, wired Netgear router that I may have to go direct to the cable modem. I will try this and let you all know my progress.
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Re: no interraction to Netflix

Are you sure the last one isn't "Connection to Network" and not "Netflix"?  I don't think I've ever seen it specify connecting to a service during boot.

Some strange problems there for sure.  You might want to start with a full factory reset, I believe there is a hole in it somewhere that you hold in for 30 seconds and it should reboot to factory defaults and start from there.  What unit is it that you have?
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