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netflix freezing on "retrieving" screen, solution found

last week my Netflix channel would freeze on the retrieving screen, after a few mins. the roku would go into sleep mode since Netflix wouldn't load.
I've done the delete, reinstall, reset of both roku and router several times. I couldn't understand why Netflix quit working, since it was working fine the week before, Netflix loaded fine on the xbox360 and on my ios devices. Even did a live chat with roku help specialist and after repeating the reboot procedures, doing the special hidden menus, and even checking my internet speed, we couldn't find a solution.

i then turn my attention to Netflix as i figured this was a problem on their end. To make sure, I used a friends log in info on my roku and the channel streamed fine, now i was puzzled. How could nextflix fine on all my other devices, and some one else log in on my roku.
Now I went to Netflix help center, after digging around, yes digging around, cause the most popular solution is the same and rokus for fixing a problem.

On Netflix you can manage up to x amount profiles, as this helps Netflix make choices for you and your family by selection certain movies, tv, shows as well prevent little ones from watching show no suitable for them.

HERE is the solution according to Netflix..................
if any of the profiles have any kind of symbols in the profile name or next to the name, they must be removed. This took me a while and using different search words to fine.

For some reason this is not an issue with other devices i.e. xbox, ios,....but roku will not recognize the profile name you choose to watch.

You can still log in, but roku will freeze in the "retrieving" screen and not load.

My child decided to rename our profile and added symbols to them. After removing the symbols, i deleted the channel off and reinstall it back on roku, cause I was logged in on some else account. I relogged in and the channel streams fine.

added note, if this happens all of sudden, you may have to use another device or log into Netflix to see if the profile name has been changed, as far as i know when i use the Netflix channel on roku it stays logged in on the last user name u pick.

also you shouldn't need to delete and reinstall channel if you make the changes on another device, roku will automatically recognize it after doing so. I have two roku's and fixing the issue, the other loaded fine.

I hope this may help any one that runs into this problem all of a sudden.
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Amazing!! It worked!! Re: netflix freezing on "retrieving" screen, solution found

I don't know why this is, but your sikutin worked for my stuck Roku! Netflix on my account works on every device but the Roku in my room. Did every other step talked about in every other forum, nothing worked. My daughter also had gone into our profiles one day and added cute animal characters at the ends of our names. Didn't think anything of it, Netflix still opened and operated fine on every device except the one! Used my laptop to access Netflix, deleted the cute characters, and voila, Netflix opened without hesitation! Thank you!!
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