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mlb tv archive game menus random ordering hurts visually impared

In the previous versions of the mlb app, the order of menu options used to be consistent in the archived games. Now they aren't, which means that someone like me who is visually impaired cannot easily find games and menu options.

First, the menu options of recap and condensed, while in the first 2 positions, are found in either order (recap condensed vs. condensed recap) and the home and away choices are also in random order. These are even different for different games on the same day.

Second, It makes sense to have the game feeds in the order away/home since that's the order of batting and used to be the order displayed in the app before this version that lists the games in a rectangular matrix as opposed to the last version where the games were in a single list.

In addition, ones favorite teams used to be the first listed AND in game time order to avoid spoilers if you want to watch more than just one archived game. They seem to be in random order.

Would it be so difficult to arrange these in a consistent order, as they did in previous seasons? Then one could use a programmable remote to choose the game feed and type. Being in either order, one cannot choose the feed automatically with a remote macro. And for the visually impaired, this reduces the ability to use a programmable remote to find games and feeds.
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