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Level 7 app audio subscription not working

I subscribe to Gameday Audio and have no problem with phone or tablet. Last year, I was able to use my roku for audio. This year, the app on roku let's me log on bu, when I try to an audio feed:

""Failed Playing Audio

The account you're using is not entitled to view this content. Please subscribe or upgrade your account."

Now, since I have an account and can use it on everything else, this is incorrect. So, I contacted mlb support and they are puzzled and next to useless. Obviously, they made changes since on other devices I can no longer have both audio and Gameday view. I am concerned they are cracking down on on cheapo cordcutters, like me (SNY only lets me cut the cord if I want fuboTV for $45/ mo and channels I'll never use; MLB blacks us out because we're only 60 miles plus tolls and NYC traffic and parking fees away from the ballpark and the $100 seats.)  

Figure I'll shoot this gripe out there and see if I'm alone before I just suck it up and forget about the roku for this purpose. Thanks!
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Re: app audio subscription not working

Actually, MLB blacks you out because you are in the team's TV market.
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Level 7

Re: app audio subscription not working

I know MLB's rules but, since we cannot receive NYC TV or even NYC radio signals out here, saying we're in their "market" is arbitrary and inaccurate. They just draw a radius on a map. Besides, in this part of the country, there are more fans within 10 miles of the team than there are within, say, a 250 mi radius of Kansas City., or 100 miles of Pittsburgh. No problem selling out games other than ticket prices. I guess if you live in Western PA, they block you out from Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Cleveland?

But, MLB's clumsy cable deals are just not going to be fixed without some intervention. The blackout restrictions are wrong but that doesn't fix the app issue.
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Level 7

Re: app audio subscription not working

I've had Gameday Audio since 2011 and  I don't believe I've ever been able to access it through Roku's MLB-TV app.  I might not have tried it every year, but I have tried many times.

As far as the blackout rules, don't get me started.  I live in central Oklahoma and am blacked out  for the Rangers (196 miles), Royals (311 miles),  Astros (428 miles) and Cardinals (515 miles). 

It's a good thing I like radio baseball.  I just put Gameday Audio on my desktop and run it thru a FM transmitter  for neighborhood coverage.  I keep the MLB-TV app on the Roku for an occasional  "Free Game of the Day" not involving the above 4 teams.
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Level 7

Re: app audio subscription not working

I've been a subscriber to Gameday Audio for several years and this is the first year I have not been able to play audio broadcasts on my Roku. It has worked in the past and I can currently play audio on my phone, my PC, Amazon Fire Stick and Chromcast, but MLB or Roku has changed something recently.

I've tried working with MLB tech support. Their advice was to 

  1. Log out of the application

  2. Uninstall the app

  3. Hard reset and restart my Roku device

  4. Reinstall the app

  5. Log in with my credentials

Didn't work.

I've resorted to using my phone to play the games while connecting to a Bose Soundlink speaker via bluetooth for quality audio. 
Not ideal, but it works.
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