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locast identifying wrong city...

i have locast on my roku app. 3 days ago it would not identify my city as an option. i have been making donation payments to be able to watch my channels without being interrupted . for 4 months , having no issues , all of a sudden my city of indianapolis  is not in the selected area for service.  it is in the selected area because i can pick this app up on my cell phone.  i have to cast it to my tv.   i have contacted locast support and all they tell me is the my ip address is wrong.  i know it is not wrong........ any ideas???/

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Level 15

Re: locast identifying wrong city...

Did they tell you which IP-> physical address service they use?

Out of curiosity, I just tried my IP on 3 of them.  Two were correct, but the other was off by over 1000 miles.



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