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commercials on Hulu

I am paying extra to be able to skip commercials with recorded Hulu shows.  

This was working for several months but for some reason, it stopped and now I am forced to watch commercials even though I'm paying for the ability to skip them?

I called Hulu and they said that Roku is forcing me to see commercials and not them?  I tried my firestick and I can skip commercials so I am beginning to think it is Roku.  Please someone from Roku respond because if it is Roku I will be switching all of my devices to firestick.

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Level 11

Re: commercials on Hulu

Is your subscription to Hulu paid via

I have a commercial-free subscription to Hulu as well (made directly via Hulu), but it is working as expected -- no commercials.

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Level 13

Re: commercials on Hulu

Are you sure you paid for the commercial-free level of Hulu?  There are multiple subscriptions.

Like @Williamt100 we also pay for the commercial-free tier and see no commercials on any of our Roku units.  Hulu is responsible for their content and ads.  Roku only controls the Roku Channel.

If you really did talk to someone from Hulu, you may want to try again to see if you can get someone who actually knows how Hulu works.

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