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channel store error The requested URL // was not found on this server.

when i login to my account on the web i cannot go to the channel store i get the following error

The requested URL // was not found on this server.

the store on my device is working ok i installed amazon prime from there.


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Re: channel store error The requested URL // was not found on this server.

Sorry, page not found.

The requested URL //en-us/ was not found on this server.

I live in the United States.  Discovery Plus, from what I have read, is only available in the United States.  However, the error message above suggests that a US server is not available--in the United States.

At the bottom of my Roku home page, is a hyperlink that says,

United Kingdom, change>

There is no way to change this to the United States {for the Channel Store}.  I can change it to France, Canada, Argentina, Guatema, etc.... {for the Channel Store} but not to United States.  I can change it to the United States and browse other areas of Roku, but not the Channel Store.  It always reverts back to United Kingdom.  Therefore the Discovery Plus app will not be available on my Roku device.

On my Roku device, itself, searching for the Discovery Plus app produces no channel.  I do have a lot of other channels I won't use.  Skystore, EuroNews, UKtvplay, ...

I bought this device from Amazon with an American address for which they have been delivering to for over 20 years.

I am not using a VPN.  My IP address shows up as coming from my area. In Texas.  I can get the Discovery Plus channel on my Android  TV and two computers, which means they are not treating my connection as from the United Kingdom.

Did I buy a device that was imported from Great Britain that perhaps has this information hardwired in the circuitry?  The Discovery Plus website states specifically that their channel is available on Roku.  That is the ONLY reason I bought Roku because our smart TV has all the other channels we watch from Roku anyway.  We used an older Roku prior to purchasing our smart TV, so this is an easier upgrade for the family room.

Is there anyway to fix this?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: channel store error The requested URL // was not found on this server.

Hi @majusa

Thanks for reaching out. Roku devices will adapt to the country of use. In your case, it sounds like your Roku account may be showing as activated in the UK Channel Store. You can delete the account and re-create it ensuring that you are not on a VPN or Proxy.
Otherwise, please reach out to our accounts team directly. They can be contacted at Choose the option for "Accounts and Billing." This should resolve the error you are seeing.


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