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ac3 in mkv stopped in roku media player

I’ve used the roku sd, hd, premiere, and streaming stick plus on several tv’s with no issues.

About two or three months ago, with no change in setup, three roku devices playing ac3 audio in an mkv with “roku media player” via a server running “minidlna” just stopped working.  Only the stereo aac is available for both 5.1 and 2.0 ac3, actually I have a few 2.0 flac sources that also stopped working.

if it were one set it would be different, but this is three different tv’s with three different roku streamers.

has anyone else had a sudden stop of mkv audio support for anything other than 2 channel aac?


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Re: ac3 in mkv stopped in roku media player

I'm having the same problem with some of the mkv files.  Looking at the audio though and on the web it appears to be with 5.1 Audio.  From a random webpage I found this 

"Roku supports 2ch AAC, 2ch MP3, pass-through AC3, and DTS" 


It appears that if the AAC or AC3 is 5.1 no audio is played.  I also some some talk about optical cables for speaker setups related to the same 5.1 types.  I'm guessing that the chain of connections and file type need to fully support 5.1 for things to work.  The easiest solution is convert the Audio in the mkv.

I'm still trying to figure this out myself but maybe this helps someone.

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