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Youtube videos crashing Roku Premiere +

I have three Premiere +'s. They are hardwired to my router. I have 300mbps internet, which thankfully is almost always 300mbps or MORE! Certain youtuibe videos cause all my roku's to crash. The video will start to play, it will pause and I get the spinning (buffering?) dots on the sceen, and then start again, pause again, start again, and then often just go to a black screen and either I get kicked back to the home screen or the roku will restart. I've displayed the stats for nerds when this happens and each time it starts to buffer, the screen resolution drops. The "stats" show that I have plenty of bandwidth and the video may be buffeed for 30-40 seconds. Here's a video that causes this issue... . This video (and several others that I can't find right not) give my roku's fits, but I can pull up a 4k/60fps video and it will play perfect at full resolution. I the go back to this video (or one similar) and the roku's crash again. Can somone try it on their roku or Premiere +? My guess is that there is something not quite right (out of spec) in the codec that is getting the roku confused.
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