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Youtube stopped working on Roku 3 FIXED then broke again + more problems

Hello, I have a Roku 3 4200x software version 9.0.0 build 4084-04. (in fact 2 of them)
When I start the Youtube app as of today (my most frequently used app) I get a screen that says "Connection error Please reconnect to the internet" and a back button that does nothing.
My other apps appear to work correctly (i.e. are connected to the internet fine).
Same thing on my 2nd Roku.

I have tried restarting, restoring factory defaults, switching to WiFi from Ethernet and back, removing & reinstalling the app, all to no avail.

Any others with the same issue? Solutions? Did Roku 3 simply stop supporting YouTube? Thats what it appears to be...
EDIT: UPDATED TO BUILD 4114-04 and fixed it. Apparently this update was just released today.
EDIT2: Same thing happened again, fixed by removing the YouTube app, rebooting and reinstalling it. Still find it often doesn't display video thumbnails. Meanwhile, I also discovered that Amazon Prime videos no longer play and Xfinity does not load the channel guide and therefore I can't watch live TV.
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