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Youtube recently has stopped loading on all 3 of my roku devices

Since the most recent update my living room TCL Roku TV stopped loading Youtube app, thinking it was a fluke maybe a server problem or internet (tho i was getting 300+mgb/s downspeed) I just ignored it. The next day my bedroom Roku device wouldn't load the Youtube app so I uninstalled the channel rebooted and reinstalled it booted let me sign in then hung on the loading screen, so i ran to my garage and tried launching the app from there it's a Sharp Roku smart TV and same thing. Giving the benefit of the doubt to a reputable company I figured what ever update screwed this up would be fixed by now this has been a couple weeks and i just launched youtube to watch some news articles and it been spinning on the loading screen ever since even while I've thoughtfully wrote this post so I'm assuming it still hasn't been fixed. And if this problem hasn't been reported yet let me be the first to ask can the devo's please look into why this is happening and I've done all the 1st tier and second tier troubleshooting so i don't want to call some call center with this problem 

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