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Youtube problems once again!

Youtube was working great, but once again there are problems with it. I keep getting thrown out of the channel entirely, usually toward the end of a video. It's rare for me to actually be able to finish the video without getting thrown out. I've checked for updates, and I've restarted my Roku, all of which didn't help. I have model 3900X - Roku Express. Please let me know if you need any further information. I don't have this issue with other channels. Your help is appreciated. Thank you!
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Re: Youtube problems once again!

Youtube is a problem onto itself. Google "updates" the app on various platforms willy-nilly; what works one day fails to work the next.

Complain to them (lottsa luck; Google wants you to use the web interface, or at least the mobile one; don't even get me started on how they treat their content providers over the last 2 years; to be fair I'd bet most content creators would prefer you to use the website as well)...
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