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Level 7

Youtube layout changed

I have two roku players on my TV, two weeks ago the layout of Youtube on one changed. On Youtube home page Instead of 5 icons along left hand side it changed to 8 icons and they all shrunk in size.

I am entirely baffled why this happened. Now they are so small its hard to see them. And also the general layout of Youtube home screen and all screens has more space. Not as balanced layout as before.

These are identical Youtube versions on identical Roku hdmi pplayers.

Any ideas much appreciated.

Jeff .... in UK


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Level 18

Re: Youtube layout changed

On the same TV? I dunno why you would want 2 Roku's on one TV.

But we all have our fetishes.

Check the Settings/DisplayType on each and see if theyre Identical.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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