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Level 12

Re: YouTube aspect ratio issue solution?

@Emissary35 wrote:

How much more information can they expect us to provide? If the people at Roku read through this entire thread they would know exactly what the issue is because it's been discussed in detail for a very long time by multiple users. Do we really have to repeat it all over again because they don't feel like scrolling back to the earlier pages? Sounds to me like they don't really care and are just creating more delays and this issue won't ever get resolved. I'd be shocked if this is ever addressed with an update to fix it.

Also, I reported the solution that @jeffrok posted on one of your questions about the YouTube letterbox issue on a discontinued Roku model to a Roku moderator and a reason provided is “it was unhelpful and disruptive”.


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Level 8

Re: YouTube aspect ratio issue solution?

Boy, glad I'm not the only one trying to watch 4:3 youtube on a crt. Google must be sh*tting on roku users because they have android streaming boxes. F&^k google.

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